Iced tea.

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If you know me at know that I have a slight obsession for Iced Tea. (God’s drink, I’m sure of it) I’m certain this addiction was given to me by my mother. (Thanks mom!)

There are a few things that can ruin Iced Tea. (Sweetener, sugar and lemon) I love the pure unsweetened and wonderful taste of Iced tea.

I’ve done extensive testing all over the world and in all different places to find the best made Ice dTea and here are my results.

The top five establishments for the best tasting Iced tea go to/#1 being the best: (drum roll please)




2)My Mom’s (=)) *Only because I can’t drive up to her window and order it anytime that I want.*


I have spent a lot of $1.94s for a medium iced teas from Wendy’s. LOVE IT!

*Off to get an Iced Tea…..


My mind, My will, and My emotions?

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Last night I had enough of allowing my soul to be overrun with movies I’ve seen, books I’ve been reading, Christmas gifts, yadda yadda yadda. Sometimes I allow my surroundings and things going on in my life to dictate the way I feel and what I’m thinking about. When your soul is being taken over by things of this world, the things of God grow strangely dim. (didn’t that song say it the other way around?) I needed to be with my Savior, my best friend and so I went to the Truth source…The Word. I was reading and I stumbled upon a verse in Psalm 69:18a. David said it perfectly. “Draw near to my soul, and redeem it.” I began writing a song in my head that says: Draw near to my soul, and take back what is YOURS.” I get so caught up sometimes that I forget the reason I live is because of Jesus. My mind, will and emotions (soul) survive on stuff that is way less satisfying.

God, as far as I’m concerned draw near to my soul and make it YOUR mind, YOUR will and YOUR emotions in me.



Christmas Season Musts

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1) Drive around and look at Christmas lights (especially downtown Denver)

2) Read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” (one of my fave books!)

3)Watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 (laugh until my guts hurt!)

4)Sing, “O, Holy Night” at the top of my lungs A LOT. (my favorite Christmas song.)

5)Act out the Christmas story with Hunter a gazillion times. (He told someone he had no idea it was Jesus’ Birthday..he knows better now;))

6)Mint Hot Chocolate. (even with THAT many calories!!)


Merry Christmas!

Remember Jesus. Remember why.


Quality time and Lists

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Is anyone else still trying to figure themselves out?

I am in awe and cracking up actually at how much I’m still learning about myself on a regular basis. I’m still finding out different personality traits, giftings, weird body ailments, pet peeves, sins, things that make me joyful, etc. If I’m not learning something new about myself then I’m just relearning and trying to stop patterns that are bad for me or trying to start habits that are good for me!

2 things that just recently came up to me about myself… =)

1)Something I know of myself is that I’m a quality time LOVER! I love time with people. This means, sit on the couch or across a table and stare into each others eyes and have heart to heart, soul moving, depth, depth, depth communication time. This does not include watching movies, reading books separately or together, sitting in the same room, etc. (Those things are all wonderful and timely) I just KNOW that I have to have the quality time. If I don’t get it. It affects me.

2)Lists!!!! I love lists!  I love making lists and being organized to get what is on my list done. This comes from my love for the visual things of life. I learn visually, it sticks with me better. If I write it down and cross it off everything in life is better. I think my love for having fun sometimes stops me from making lists because I tend to want to be adventurous and not so “organized and list driven” but I’m realizing that I have FUN making lists and I should stop viewing it as being boring. It might be what makes me fun?!

I think God is training me on how to love myself. This is something that I thought I had mastered when I was younger but I’m realizing that self hatred can really ruin you. It doesn’t only ruin you but it affects you as a mommy, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I shouldn’t try to be someone that I’m not because my relationships need me to be who I am and who God made me to be.

God, I’m grateful that You made me and I did not make myself. Teach me how to love the giftings and the personality traits that You designed for me.

*Start making lists again and make sure you have quality time with the people you love!!!!!


We’re FALL-ing around…(wordless wednesday)

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For Dave’s birthday back in June  (Could it possibly be the end of September?! UGH!) I made him fruit roll up, rice krispie treat, gummy sushi. I know it sounds weird but they were pretty tasty little suckers. DP is a sushi-lover. If you hang out with him for more than 5 minutes you will know it. You will also know the best sushi places to go and the all the best rolls to try. Don’t dis it until you go with people who KNOW their sushi.


Hunterisms + Davidisms

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My husband and my son say some of the most thought provoking, silly, amazing, crazy things of anyone I know. I think they need to be shared with you…

David says, “What’s up Bro-Ham and Cheese!?” Hunter says, “What’s up ham and cheese bro?!”

David says, “Oh my Honkin Harry!” Hunter says, “Oh my Honkin Harry!”

Hunter says, “Cimmanom” (Cinnamon)

David says, “It will rock your face off” “It will melt your face off!”

David says, “SUSHI!” Hunter says, ” SHUSHI!”

Hunter says, “I want my hair long so I can knock down buildings!” (What does this mean you ask? He wants to be Samson, of course!)

Lord, You are so good to me. You fill me with joy in the gift of my son and my husband. You give me laughter!